Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber Face Skin Peeling Pore Cleaner

This treatment with instrument can penetrate into deep skin, deep cleaning of skin dirt and introduce nutrient solution, which can improve micro-circulation, dredge sweat glands, shrink pores and help you to solve many skin problems. Adopts with Ultrasonic wave and Nano technology, combining with unique shovel type probe and high frequency vibration, it can go deep into your facial skin.

This face instrument adopts ultrasonic and biological current technology to clean deep pore dirt, effectively remove horny, blackhead, acne etc, which can solve many skin problems such as coarse pores, black head densely covered, oily skin etc. Introduce nutrition to the skin. The electron flow and high frequency ultrasonic vibration provide nutrition to deep skin, which contribute greatly to stimulate metabolism, arouse cell vitality, enhanced cell permeability. And eventually make the skin become elastic, shiny and healthy.

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